Through characters and story, each novel examines an issue from several perspectives ranging from economic and historical, to social, environmental, and cultural concerns.

Cold as Thunder has been included on Madison Magazine’s list of Wisconsin-related titles to read this year

New book club (click here) launched

Interested in joining a new kind of book club?  One that is open to everyone no matter where you live?  The meeting place for the book club is this website. This new book club (click on the link) is called Stories From the Land, and features Jerry’s seven novels.

Here’s how it works.  You buy a copy of the featured book—see below for how to do that—or borrow a copy from your library.  Then, over a period of six weeks, you read the book, and make comments or post questions in the comments section at the bottom of this page or the Stories From the Land webpage (see the menu bar above). I have posed some questions on the book club webpage to get you started. You also can access the book club in the menu above.

I will respond to your questions and comments, as well as ask additional questions as the reading period continues.

The first book for the book club is The Travels of Increase Joseph.

Stay in touch:

“Can you tell us how you go about writing?” I’ve gotten that question many times over the past several years. It’s difficult for me to explain how I do the actual writing, how I put words down on paper, one after the other, to make sentences. Some of the process involves creativity, some of it tapping my memory, but a lot of it a mystery.
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THE OLD TIMER SAYS: There’s many a step between the first word written and it being published.


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