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Jerry Apps releases his 8th and 9th novels: Settlers Valley and The Wild Oak.

Settlers Valley

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In this eminently readable story, Jerry Apps delves into the heart of small-town America. Reckoning with timely problems and opinions that divide us, he shows us the power in restoring our relationships with nature and our communities.


“A heck of a read. Settlers Valley comfortably ambles in typical Jerry Apps fashion even as chapters bristle with action and explore complex issues of the day. Every page is a reminder of his deep understanding of and love for rural Wisconsin.”—Bill Berry, author of Banning DDT: How Citizen Activists in Wisconsin Led the Way

“Apps weaves a story of intrigue as a rural settlement of veterans finds itself up against unimagined odds. Flames leap, gunshots crackle, lovers swoon as a once peaceful Wisconsin valley is fractured by deception, hatred, and the remnant stresses of war.”—Jim Guhl, author of Eleven Miles to Oshkosh

The Wild Oak

Wild Oak
Billy Steiner, 16, is trying to decide what to do after high school, when so many adults seem to have predetermined this for him. Bill’s search for answers is complicated when he encounters the mysterious happenings of the Wild Oak. Stories from the past say this tree allows people to look ahead in time. In a setting that portrays small-town and farm life in the 1950s, Bill is determined to solve the mystery of the tree so he can visualize his future and make decisions about the direction his life should take.

Publication date March 15, 2021
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About the Author

Jerry Apps has written more than forty fiction and nonfiction books about life in the upper Midwest, including In a Pickle and Simple Things: Lessons from the Family Farm. He is a professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin–Madison and has appeared in five documentaries about rural history and country life produced by Wisconsin Public Television.


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