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Never Curse the Rain: A Farm Boy’s Reflections on Water

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Water is still a touchstone in Jerry’s life, and he explores the ways he’s found it helpful in soothing a troubled mind or releasing creativity. He also discusses his concerns about the future of water and ensuring we always have enough. For, as Jerry writes, “Water is one of the most precious things on this planet, necessary for all life, and we must do everything we can to protect it.”

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Whispers and Shadows: A Naturalist’s Memoir

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In these times of technological innovation and fast-paced electronic communication, we often take nature for granted—or even consider it a hindrance to our human endeavors. In Whispers and Shadows: A Naturalist’s Memoir, Jerry Apps explores such topics as the human need for wilderness, rediscovering a sense of wonder, and his father’s advice to “listen for the whispers” and “look in the shadows” to learn nature’s deepest lessons.

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Old Farm: A History

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Jerry Apps tells the story of his land, from the last great glacier that dug out its valleys and formed its hills, to his own family’s forty-year relationship with the beloved farm they call Roshara. Breathtakingly beautiful color photographs by Apps’ son, Steve (a professional photographer), highlight the ever-changing beauty of the land in every season, and hint at the spiritual gifts that are the true bounty this family reaps from Roshara.

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The Land Still Lives

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The author draws upon his surroundings in the Central Sands of Wisconsin to present his observations of nature.

The Quiet Season: Remembering Country Winters

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Jerry Apps recalls winters growing up on a farm in central Wisconsin during the latter years of the Depression and through World War II. Wisconsin winters then were a time of reflection, of planning for next year, and of families drawing together. Jerry describes how winter influenced farm families and suggests that those of us who grow up with harsh northern winters are profoundly affected in ways we often are not aware.

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Roshara Journal: Chronicling Four Seasons, Fifty Years, and 120 Acres

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A photographic diary of a small Midwestern farm and the family who’ve made it their home.In Roshara Journal, father-and-son team Jerry and Steve Apps share the monthly happenings at their family’s farm in central Wisconsin. Featuring Steve’s stunning photos and fifty years of Jerry’s journal entries, Roshara Journal captures the changes—both from month to month and over the decades—on the landscape and farmstead.

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